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At Nexus we recognise the importance of showcasing new music, works of art and collaborations. In 2012, 2013 and 2014 we presented three unique collaborative commissions featuring a series of different artists and musical genres. In 2015 we’re doing something a bit different and have partnered with Multicultural Arts Victoria to present two artists from their remarkable Remastered Myths project as a part of our ongoing Nexus Live Series.

On 9 October 2015 we’ll be showcasing a special South Australian premiere featuring two new collaborative works. The works were first performed in Victoria in June 2015 after a period of intensive collaboration between two distinctly different groups. The first features SA electronic artist Oisima working together with the traditional Javanese vocals and percussion of Ria Soemardjo and Japanese Shamisen maestro Noriko Tadano. The second work features Melbourne based Electronic artist Beatrice, Supina Bytol and Ethiopian vocalist Sinit Tsegay. These two remarkable collaborations were produced as a part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s ongoing Remastered Myths program.

Jess Fairfax who manages the Remastered Myths at MAV spoke to us about the program

“ReMastered Myths brings together electronic music producers and beat makers with musicians from different musical and cultural backgrounds. The musicians develop new work over a series of creative development sessions, which is then performed live and recorded. The program was initiated in 2013 in response to a growing number of electronic and “mainstream” musicians contacting MAV wanting to collaborate and grow their musical horizons through experimenting with different rhythms, styles and instrumentation. There was also an interest from musicians often confined to the “world music” category or community settings to step outside of this, build new audiences and musical knowledge through these pairings.

Each year ReMastered Myths commissions at least 3 new collaborations, which are performed alongside visual projections at a one off concert in Melbourne. Following on from this, MAV partners with leading industry bodies and performing arts centres like the Melbourne Festival, St Kilda Festival, BEMAC (Brisbane) and Nexus Arts(Adelaide) to provide ongoing national performance opportunities beyond the initial collaborations. The collaborations are recorded and released at the end of year, and made available to the public through MAV’s Bandcamp. The collaborations are at the forefront of creating a new sound, representative of our diverse population, a sound that Australia can hold up, celebrate and champion at an international level.”

You can preview the works created by the two collaborations being presented at Nexus on Oct 9 below. We hope to see you at the show!

Oisima X Ria Soemardjo & Noriko Tadano

Beatrice X Sinit Tsegay & Supina Bytol.

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