Express yourself in our communal digital artwork

May 22nd, 2020 by Lisa Catinari | Category: Nexus Arts Visual Arts

As part of our digital exhibition I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE: illustrations of existence, we invite you to add your own message to the work ‘Mabati’ by The.Wamala.

The.Wamala,Mabati, 2020

Wamala says of the artwork: “Corrugated iron sheets, called “mabati” in the Ugandan local language Luganda, are generally used as roofing and shelter. But they also form another function. These iron fences are turned into walls of expression by writing, spraying, drawing and advertising on this ‘platform’. Messages written here are mostly brutal statements: slangs, warnings, outcries and threats. They represent society’s renegades, in a place where freedom of speech could get you jailed or killed moments after speaking freely.”

We invite you to help to turn this artwork into a representation of today: a unique societal snapshot. In a 2020 that has seen devastating fires and the current all-consuming pandemic, but has also prompted outpourings of community strength and hope, what would your message be?

Use your favourite drawing app (Notes, Sketches, Canvas, etc), to express your messages and upload them via this webpage: https://www.nexusartsgallery.com/mabati/ Once a week during the exhibition period we will upload the images onto the artwork, and our collective communal artwork will grow with your messages. We’d appreciate you keeping it clean, but we’d also invite you to express yourself.

We look forward to seeing our community’s messages emerge and the communal artwork take shape.

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