All The Stories

The Letter String Quartet’s All The Stories

All The Stories is a song cycle collaboratively written by The Letter String Quartet’s artistic director Biddy Connor and poet Maria Zajkowski. The work is inspired by stories of the history of Abbotsford Convert, Melbourne, and those who have spent time on the site –  from a meeting point for the Wurundjeri and Kulin Nation peoples, to the establishment of the Convent Of The Good Shepherd, which at its peak in 1900 was the largest charitable institution operating in the southern hemisphere, with over 1,000 women and children living behind its enclosed walls. The work is performed by singer Marita Dyson (The Orbweavers) and The Letter String Quartet, whose members all play and sing.

In these songs, you will find the themes of escape, devotion, compulsion, trust, weariness, choice(lessness), beauty, nature and god in all things.
– Maria Zajkowski

Fleur Green’s The Desert Plea

Declared by peers as a polymath, Fleur Green lives to produce art. Poet, performer, songwriter, musician (who plays many instruments very well) and equipped sailor, Green is a natural in the sea of story and imagination. Her life and art is interesting, intelligent, intense, creative and coloured by calm as well as chaos.

The Desert Plea is an original cabaret/rock song cycle that follows the journey of Alice, a young city musician who travels to Coober Pedy to offer its residents an alternate escape through creative outlet. Concept and music by Fleur Green, co-produced by David Chapple.

Even plants can damage you
They die and lie in wait
A thorn may burst up through your shoe
Hate is in this landscape
And it’s in some people too
Because they can’t escape.

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