Circle of Rhythm

Heralded as Australia’s most exciting rhythm trio, Greg Sheehan, Bobby Singh and Ben Walsh have between them changed the face of percussion in Australia. After decades defining and redefining what Australian drumming could offer the world, they formed a percussion trio with a difference, rich in culture from the various styles all three dynamic performers have spent their lives exploring.

The result of years of collaboration through many different groups such as Pablo Percusso, Utungan Percussion, Skin, Dha, The Bird and Taal Vadya to name a few, Circle of Rhythm exhibits a masterful skill in drumming as an ensemble, but doesn’t shy away from melodic percussion, creating a varied and accessible listening experience.

Their show is an homage to multicultural Australia, borrowing rhythms and melding a collection of drum styles, both unique and rich in ancient tradition. Expect a powerhouse of razor-sharp, precision beats and drumming of the highest order delivered with a relaxed, and often humorous, Australian approach.

From the high energy, fast-paced drumming styles of Japan and Polynesia, to the ethereal and spiritually uplifting sounds of India, this ensemble boasts a full spectrum of styles and instrumentation that will delight your senses. Melodic and rhythmic, you can count on all things percussed with dexterity, each member having dedicated their life to the study of the drum.

Circle of Rhythm will make you laugh, share their stories, and most definitely leave you breathless… expect nothing less than standing ovations.

Circle of Rhythm will be supported by Sufi Soul

Feb 4 at Nexus Arts
Doors open 8pm