Anna Cherkasova (RUS-AUS)

An evolving participatory drawing project by artist-illustrator Anna Cherkasova in which the gallery space is her canvas. Anna will fill the walls, ceiling and floor of the gallery with her intricate black and white line drawings, conjuring a pictorial wonderland of lyrical creatures, people, animals, plants and scenes drawn from her imagination. Anna invites audiences to infuse colour into her work as it is created.

Farrago (or a “confused variety of miscellaneous things”) is a starting point through which the exhibition and the artist’s work metaphorically seek to highlight the beauty, colour and intricacies of cultural diversity: the ways in which all of us bring, through our differences and particularities, our own colour to the tapestry of our society.

A series of short films and artist profiles, Diverse Screens, stream alongside this changing pictorial wonderland: an exposé of the trials of being a multicultural artist in Australia.

Curated by André Lawrence and Nexus Arts with support from Diversity Arts Australia.

Thursday 15 February – Friday 23rd March 2018
Opening event Thursday 1st March

Free School Workshops

Thanks to an Arts and Cultural Grant from the Adelaide City Council, we are able to offer free workshops to schools during the Farrago exhibition. Workshops will focus on creativity, cultural diversity and art, and will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout fringe. For more information download the Farrago Schools Info