Future of the Senses

Nexus Arts Studio Resident: SALA Festival 2019

Future of the Senses focuses on ideas concerning the human ego as a spiritual obstacle that draws on our attachment and over-identification with forms and appearances, fixed ideas and models that we associate with and use in order to reason and operate within the world.

In her practice, Adelaide-based Kasumovic works within expanded fields of drawing and installation, and is concerned with who are we, where we come from and why we are here. Having migrated to Australia from war torn Serbia at a very young age, her artistic practice is largely influenced by ideas concerning our sense of place in the world. She believes beyond our physical space, we all truly live on the side of the skin, where our feelings, ideas and thoughts reside – our inner space as a zone of energies, awareness and freedom.

During her Nexus Arts Studio Residency for SALA 2019, emerging artist and recent Visual Arts Honours graduate (Flinders/AC Arts) Emilija Kasumovic will bring such ideas to life through her work and studio explorations. Kasumovic encourages the viewer to experience what lies beyond the perceived object/form as physical forms/objects are exposed to immaterial forces, allowing one to shape the other. Kasumovic’s work will attempt to stimulate sensorial space, allowing the audience to look within themselves and encourage their bodily awareness. Through such object to space, and object to viewer conditions, the work attempts to evoke intrinsic emotions, as Kasumovic continually attempts to physicalize this energy through sensory and deeply affective interpretation of materials, inviting the viewer to resonate with them.


AUG 1 – 30TH