Lyndon Gray’s Carnatic Jazz Project

Jazz bass player Lyndon Gray has been exploring the integration of South Indian Carnatic rhythmic devices in his performance practice for the past few years. This performance will bring together leading Adelaide jazz musicians Jason McMahon, Django Rowe, Ed Heddle, Stephen Neville and from Melbourne Eugene Ball in a unique and dynamic take on contemporary jazz performance, led by one of Adelaide’s best-regarded jazz musicians.

The Three Seas

Led by Artistic Director Matt Keegan, The Three Seas is an international, intercultural music project that fuses modern Australian jazz with the West Bengali folk tradition to create a unique and soulful sonic imprint that radiates joy.

Drawing on the earthy tones of north Indian folk music with a focus on the Baul tradition, The Three Seas combines contemporary jazz and western production aesthetics to playfully create new pathways and transport audiences into new musical worlds.

A project ten years in the making, the remarkable members of The Three Seas have been drawn together by a deep love of music, a mutual respect for their distinct and diverse cultural origins and a shared passion for creating songs that resonate universally. More information (www.thethreeseasmusic.com)

Matt Keegan (saxophone, clarinet), Raju Da Baul (vocals, khamak), Deoashish Mothey (vocals, dotora, esraj, guitar) Steve Elphick (bass) Gaurab Gaboo Chatterjee (dubki, drums)

The Three Seas project is supported by the Australian Government and APRA/AMCOS Art Music Fund and presented as part of the OzAsia Festival 2018

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This performance is supported by Creative Original Music Adelaide (COMA)