Lyndon Gray’s Carnatic Jazz Project

Jazz bass player Lyndon Gray has been exploring the integration of South Indian Carnatic rhythmic devices in his performance practice for the past few years. This performance will bring together leading Adelaide jazz musicians Angus Mason, Jason McMahon, Django Rowe, Ed Heddle and Pat Thiele in a unique and dynamic take on contemporary jazz performance, led by one of Adelaide’s best-regarded jazz musicians.

The Three Seas

The Three Seas combine elements of Indian folk music with a western style of song form and production in a band full of engaging performers from India and Australia. Listeners can expect a soulful, song-based repertoire with a diverse array of voices and unusual instruments – no tabla or sitar here.

Centre stage is the outstanding folk singer Raju Das Baul. His amazing stage presence, arresting voice and virtuosic khamak playing showcase the best of the Baul tradition.

Deaoashish Mothey brings his enigmatic style and soulful sounds from the mountains in Darjeeling, while Kolkata based rock drummer and dubki expert, Gaurab Chatterjee (from the famous Bengali band Lakkhichhara), smoothly bridges musical cultures. From Australia band leader and saxophonist Matt Keegan and master bassist Steve Elphick complete the unique sound of the band.

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This performance is supported by Creative Original Music Adelaide (COMA)