Totes Adorbs <3 Hurricane

Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker

They’re back! Get ready for round two as one of OzAsia Festival’s most adored artists returns with a new whirlwind experience and wild tribute to the subculture of Japanese superfandom and celebrity mania.

Emerging from the underground scene of Tokyo’s famous Harajuku district, the 25 performers onstage are clad in rainbow-coloured school uniforms and launch into precise, synchronised moves as 50 songs are remixed into one music track, delivering information faster than the audience can process.

Tofu, confetti, water pistols, glow sticks, wakame, Lycra, glitter and pom-poms blast from the stage as manga cartoons and J-pop are visually projected. It’s over-the-top, crazy, super fun, wild, riotous and for the uninitiated, don’t worry – raincoats are provided.

“We are often told, ‘you will never have seen anything like this before’, but it turns out to be true in the case of this frenetic 45 minutes”
The Guardian

“The most WTF show of the year”
Time Out

WED 23 OCT       6.30pm
THU 24 OCT        6.30pm
FRI 25 OCT          6pm & 9.30pm
SAT 26 OCT         6pm & 9.30pm
SUN 27 OCT        2pm

DURATION          45 mins