INSAN(e) – انسان – Human

Yusuf Hayat

INSAN(E) Human is concerned with negotiating “difference” so we can share meaning and better understand our common humanity. Yusuf Hayat communicates with the languages and traditions available to him. He integrates symbols of Australian nationalism and European colonialism with elements of Islamic art, architecture and design to comment on hybrid diaspora identities and cosmopolitan aspirations. The Southern Cross, with its nationalist connotations, is embedded in the geometric design, presenting Islam and Australian nationality as compatible if not complementary.

Untitled, 2017 Oil and acrylic on plywood, MDF, 110 x 166cm. Image courtesy of the artist

Yusuf Hayat uses architectural features such as pillars and lattice designs in his practice. Arkan (pillars) are significant in the Islamic tradition. They are mentioned in hadith as a metaphor for the foundation of faith and a framework for life. Geometric deisgns found on traditional lattice screens – Mashrabiya or Jaali – in several Muslim majority countries, serve as a metaphor for transcultural communication, as a device through which people can interact with each other.

Hayat’s research based practice is focused on transcultural ethics and intersubjectivity in art. His recent work integrates photography, painting and architectural approaches to sculptural form.

Opening Thursday 16 November, 6pm
16 November – 21st December, 2018

Image: Nur, 2017; wood, steel, aluminum, neodymium, magnet, laser cut MDF, acrylic paint, LED, 220 x 60 x 73cm