Knock, Mark, Stitch

Iran Sanadzadeh, Angus Mason and Setare Arashloo

An exploration in visual, tactile and sound modalities, this performance focuses on the ideas of dislocation and isolation. The cross-generational memory of isolation and confinement amplifies the weight of the experience of migration, which has been central to Setare and Iran’s practice and lives, as they both now live and work outside of Iran.

Growing up with political ex-convicts as parents and relatives, the artists have been playfully reassembling the displaced products of isolation and material as modules of a shared past in recent collaborative works. The text of interviews with some of these activist-convicts and other stories has been adapted into animated segments, then interacted with and distorted by stitching on the projection screen, which is made of hessian. Transcribed into Morse code, which was used by the artists’ parents to communicate between cells, the text also forms the basis of the drum improvisations performed by Angus. First performed in New York City in 2016, this will be the Adelaide premiere.

Erkki Veltheim, Parvyn Singh, Rachel Johnston and Iran Sanadzadeh

This new work, commissioned by Nexus Arts, will bring together four unique musical voices from across Australia in an original exploration of sonic possibility.

Bringing together voice, violin, violoncello, dance and electronics, this new work will follow unknown pathways opened up by the interaction of the collaborators. The performance will utilise a purpose-built set of pressure-sensitive floors as the physical interface for performing with synthesisers, and will combine visual and aural elements in a stunning and highly original new performance piece.

With backgrounds in art music, folk music, sonic arts, classical Indian dance and singing, electronics and classical music, the performers’ musical styles are certainly diverse. Cultural backgrounds from India, Iran, Finland and Australia complement these diversities and the outcome of these original voices working in collaborative harmony will be something bold, current and authentic.

Expect the unexpected.

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