Mehr Ensemble with Kashkul

Mehr Ensemble

Weaving intricate lines of verse and melody, ornate instrumentation and layered vocals, classical Persian music ensemble Mehr creates a musical tapestry that is at once beautifully complex and strikingly simple.

Widely recognised as Australia’s leading Persian music ensemble, the group performs ornate original compositions within the Radif tradition of classical Persian music, while also drawing inspiration from the diverse regional musics of Iran, Kurdistan and Azerbaijan. Above all, in the time-honoured fashion of authentic Persian music, Mehr takes its aesthetic direction from classical Persian poetry, especially that of Mawlana Rumi.

Songs are interspersed with free-flowing instrumental and vocal solos which rise and fall, the whole performance gradually building in intensity until the last note. Each section is like a unique jewel, refracting light in its own way and emphasising a particular colour and register, each joined by an invisible thread which unites them. The whole performance, in this way, aims to give the sense of an arc or invisible line—a line which traces the journey of the soul in and out of this world…



Kashkul perform the ancient and classical sounds of Persian music, featuring the sublime voice of Shiva Aryanapad and the instrumental dexterity of Behnoosh Aryanapad as the foundations of the ensemble.

In Persian mystical philosophy there is a concept of ‘no place’ which is situated within; in the inner world of the soul. There, time and distance are not measured objectively and every colour and shape, every sound and smell, takes on a spiritual significance because it is the visual expression of the invisible, a reflection of the unseen. It is this place that Kashkul Ensemble seeks to draw the audience to reflect upon, through the medium of music and poetry.


This performance is supported by the Persian Cultural Association of South Australia