Mixed Race Female

Makeda Duong

In her practice Makeda Duong unravels and represents aspects of her lived experience in relation to themes of race, gender, sexuality, and mental health. Mixed Race Female is an exploration of her Vietnamese/Australian heritage, coupled with artworks delving into the discussion of mental illness.

The experience of the mixed race person living in Australia touches on issues of hybridity, cultural identity, diaspora and feelings of not belonging, of being neither here nor there. Stemming from a recent diagnosis, a body of work depicting struggles with mental health is also present, and together the artworks present a complex and intimate portrait of the artist.

Makeda has been named as a finalist for the Don Dunstan Foundation Award in the 2020 SALA Festival

August 6 – September 17

Nexus Arts Gallery
Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 4pm

and online.