Nhatty Man and Gara with Local Revolution

Nhatty Man and Gara

A household name in Ethiopia and around the worldwide diaspora, Nhatty Man and his band Gara are emerging as one of the most energetic acts to hit Australian stages. Nhatty was nominated at the first East African Music Awards, where he performed alongside Congolese legend Papa Wemba, Burundian star Kidum and Kenyan pop singer Jaguar. He was the first Horn of Africa artist to perform on Big Brother Amplified in South Africa, which was broadcast across the continent. Since relocating to Melbourne in 2014, Nhatty has performed New Year’s Eve at Fed Square, collaborated with new sounds and rhythms from Colombia to Mauritius and released Selam, an EP combining Ethiopian roots and reggae with conscious lyrics in Amharic and English.


Local Revolution

Local Revolution are Adelaide’s AFRO ROOTS FUNK Experience. Quickly becoming one of the city’s highest-energy outfits, the 6+ piece band led by Lenin Marrón are turning heads with their unique display of music and crowd engaging performances.

From their deep Afro Latin Rhythms, Heavy Dub Reggae, Old Skool Hip Hop Soul, to that Funk ‘that don’t stop’, interlaced with thought provoking lyrics of World Peace, their music continually crosses world boundaries and emanates the good vibes that the people need and love!

The Revolution is coming. Make sure you are ready.


This performance is supported by Salt magazine

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