Ras Dashen

Elyas Alavi, Derek Pascoe Chris Martin and Zujir Naji 

A performance of verbal-musical works reflecting on identity, displacement and memory.

With the artists working together for the third incarnation of this very special collaborative relationship, this performance interweaves the poetry of Elyas Alavi with music by leading Adelaide improvising musicians Derek Pascoe and Chris Martin, this time joined by Syrian oud player Zujir Naji. This suite of verbal-musical works is inspired by Elyas’ reflections of his experiences as a refugee fleeing war-torn Afghanistan. Elyas’ work focuses on identity, memory, violence, trauma and displacement, and this powerful and intimate performance will draw the audience into his personal experience and leave them changed.

Yitzhak Yedid

Eclectic composer-pianist Yitzhak Yedid fuses jazz, Arabic music and contemporary classical traditions to create works of striking originality. Inspired by literature, philosophy, art and landscapes, Yedid’s compositions form a narrative of pictures, textures and colours. His music incorporates a wide spectrum of contemporary and ancient styles and creates a unique integration between jazz, Arabic genres and contemporary Western classical music. A confluence between the Maqamat (the Arabic music modal system), heterophonic textures of Arabic genres and compositional approaches of jazz and contemporary Western classical music have been created to produce an original sound.

This performance is supported by Writers SA

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This performance is supported by Writers SA