Women in Song

An evening of musical performance and deep discussion reflecting on the true meaning of reconciliation.

Beginning with a Q&A session to discuss what reconciliation should and could look like, the discussion will be followed by performances of exquisite music by Aboriginal women and women in the music industry who stand by them: Nancy Bates, Jessica Wishart, Emily Davis and Tara Carragher.

This special Reconciliation Week event aims to provide an insight into what true reconciliation means to Aboriginal Australia and how we can all work together to support and achieve this vision.

6.30pm Q&A discussion with panellists including Nancy Bates and Jessica Wishart

7.30pm performances by Jessica Wishart, Tara Carragher, Nancy Bates and Emily Davis and concluding with a collaborative musical depiction of true reconciliation.

Cheese platters and vegan boards for sale on the evening.