Nexus & Chill

Nexus Arts in collaboration with local Adelaide artists throws open its doors to celebrate what’s good in Adelaide!

Nexus & Chill is a party for anyone and everyone to have their chance at celebrating the diversity, talent and creativity that exists surrounding Adelaide and the Nexus Arts Venue.  A mishmash of visual, and audio art we aim to push the boundaries of what is expected at a event with creativity  at the forefront of our minds when planning and finding scope on the next event.  We also aim to encorage a diverse spectrum of artists to get involved and show us what they can produce.


Nexus & Chill 5.0 – 2 day festival for the senses 16th & 17th of June

Nexus Arts so luck to collaborate with some of the most talented and forward thinking artists in Adelaide line up for Nexus & Chill 5.0 includes:

Shoaib Gill:

Shoaib Gill is an audiophile currently residing in Adelaide, Australia.  After completing education in business, he decided that it was music where his heart truly belonged.  Inspired by the early days house music scene, Shoaib Gill took up DJ’n about six years ago and you will now find him central to any good late night venue around Adelaide.  An awesome promoter and collaborator we are lucky enough to have snagged him for the local Adelaide scene and especially here at Nexus & Chill, with his creative and quick wit he can whip up a night you feel at home in any circumstance. With Shoaib Gill at the helm your promised an awesome night.

The rest is history and tomorrow is a mystery.

Shoaib Gill can be found at:


JackntheGroov is a collaborator and promoter and has worked with us here since our humble beginnings of Nexus & Chill.  With a cheeky grin, this electronic music enthusiast is always getting the party started, bringing his sound and ability to pull a diverse range of artists to share the stage or a visual space.  A local to our shores JackntheGroov you can find JackntheGroov  playing in the underground club and doof scene in Adelaide.  Holding multiple residencies, DJing special events, promoting his own shows as well as  often being found on the radio waves at


Zombie Queen Art Consulting:


Zombie Queen does not only do live visual installations but; does two main things, selling art and helping emerging artists find their way in the art world.  ZQ is about the labour of love, working endlessly to achieve extraordinary goals.

Holding her own exhibition here in the Nexus Arts Gallery – Patterns of Migration; the artwork explored the concept of exoticism, relating to her own experiences growing up not only with a culturally diverse heritage, but in an Australian climate that has time and time again, challenged, rather than embraced her culture and individuality.  Zombie Queen is back again for her second Nexus & Chill with her live artworks creating a storm of interest!