Nexus & Chill

This space is created for expression and art
dedicated to engaging with creativity and supporting the artist.
We encompass the beauty and connection art can create.
We believe engaging in art and performance can change and inspire.
We believe in, and cherish, our audience.

Welcome home.

Redefining how we engage with some of the most unique and exciting Australian talent:

+ Musicians

+ Visual Artists

+ Aerialists

+ Dancers

A carefully curated event encompassing some of the most exciting visual and audio artists hosted within the iconic Nexus Arts Venue. We are committed to nurturing the hidden gems of Australian Contemporary Arts and celebrating a diverse spectrum of unique performance artists for South Australian audiences.

Our 2018 program will be released soon, while your waiting, check out this wonderful bevvy of local Adelaide artists that have supported Nexus & Chill along the way…

If you are interested in getting involved or have an idea to put forward please, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]