Aaron Schuppan

Aaron Schuppan is always our first call for anything film related; our first recommendation for anyone who needs a director or editor, Aaron is your man.  Recently winning the award for; Best Music Film Clip at South Australia Music Awards Aaron always has his finger on the pulse of the arts scene in Adelaide.

Aarons work with Nexus Arts encompasses his ability to work creatively also allowing culturally and linguistically diverse artists to be able to tell their stories and engage with a wide range of audiences as you can see bellow as Haneen Martins  discusses her recent residency and subsequent exhibition at Nexus Arts;

Patterns of Migration, Haneen Martin from NexusArts on Vimeo.

Aaron knew he wanted to direct movies at the age of eight when he saw a poster for Back To The Future 2 in the window of the local cinema. The son of a rural Lutheran pastor, he spent his formative years scouring the local video shop and studying every movie he could. He made his first film at 14 years of age and has not looked back since. He currently  has a slate of music videos and short-documentaries in production.

His baby, Runaway Moon (see bellow) will be released soon and for any enquires the website link is bellow