Haneen Martin



Haneen Martin was a resident artist here in early 2017 and since her time in the Nexus Arts studio we have found it hard to let her go!

We continue to work closely, working together to bring the voices of those that are sometimes not heard.  As a writer for the arts with YEWTH magazine, her company Zombie Queen Arts and as a practicing artist this woman is able to achieve so much over a broad spectrum of work, and art forms.

Passionate about issues of humanity, and a happy energetic personality to boot, Haneen Martin is pushing forward ideas of what is is to be a culturally and linguistically diverse woman in a contemporary space.  Also known as Zombie Queen you can see this artist working in many different spaces and places in and around Australia and internationally!


Holding her own exhibition here in the Nexus Arts Gallery – Patterns of Migration; the artwork explored the concept of exoticism, relating to her own experiences growing up not only with a culturally diverse heritage, but in an Australian climate that has time and time again, challenged, rather than embraced her culture and individuality which she talks about in the video bellow shot by Aaron Schuppan.