Shoaib Gill

Shoaib Gill is an audiophile currently residing in Adelaide, Australia.   A wonderful person to work with and with an engaging personality that can encompass a myriad of networks Shoaib’s relationship with Nexus Arts was bound to blossom.  Not only is Shoib Gill a great promoter and collaborator with Nexus Arts through his work with Your Culture My Culture he is a regular DJ here and brings a large spectrum of performers into the venue!


Inspired by the early days house music scene, Shoaib Gill took up DJ’n about six years ago and you will now find him central to any good late night venue around Adelaide. An awesome promoter and collaborator we are lucky enough to have snagged him for the local Adelaide scene and especially here at Nexus & Chill, with his creative and quick wit he can whip up a night you feel at home in any circumstance. With Shoaib Gill at the helm your promised an awesome night.

Shoaib Gill can be found at:

The rest is history and tomorrow is a mystery.