Online Exhibition: Dhawun Guwaala-y

Online Exhibition: Dhawun Guwaala-y

Presented by Dominique Chen, Samuel Chen and Nexus Arts

Dhawun Guwaala-y comes from the Gamilaraay language, meaning earth conversing or having two-way conversation. While peoples’ collective collaborations, conversations and relational connections with Country—with the land, waters, environments, rocks, wind, stars and the enormity of the more-than-human, are always in intrinsic motion, the awareness, value, depth and reciprocity of these conversations may not always be centred.

This exhibition of works by artists from diverse cultural and disciplinary backgrounds, provides an opportunity for pause, reflection and refocus, through the exploration and critique of various ways of perceiving, understanding, connecting and responding to environments over time, and within the contexts of accelerating environmental change.

While diverse in practice, each work speaks to degrees of proximity, emplacement, participation and performativity—implicating both the artist, and viewer, in a collaborative and attentive moment. Dhawun Guwaala-y is a conversation in action. An ongoing sharing and response.

– Dominique Chen

23 September – 29 October
Online via www.nexusartsgallery.com