Dream of Being

Narges Anvar

Dream of Being is a project in which the artist visually narrates her journey through her own inner landscapes. Since a young age, Narges has been a daydreamer, sifting through her emotions, vacillating between memory and imagination, reality and fantasy, through layers in her personality and feelings. Her drawing practice intuitively explores such inner stories, translating what she sees into her own visual language through trains of thought-feeling and continuous-line drawings, expressions of her challenges and concerns as a migrant artist, a mother and a human being.

I don’t have much time to dream anymore. I have to track time, look after my children. I have to organise many things so I need to focus.

I still am caught in this confusion sometimes. In the middle of the real me. Between the realities of family and responsibility. And what I wanted to be. It can be confusing when I’m not sure that the real me for others is the same as for myself.

In her studio residency at Nexus Arts, Narges wishes to push her drawing practice into three-dimensional space, to manifest psychological space with geometrical shapes, spatial divisions, animation and sculptural figures:

 “Gallery walls can allow limitless investigations… and also act as boundaries that confine. The painting frame is breakable, and the gallery walls are escapable. Choosing between the ‘attendance of mind in this present reality’ and ‘flying the soul in a thousand accessible or even impossible lives…’ To tangle reality, facts and dreams… Dreaming of being.“

Opening Thursday 2 August, 6pm
2 August – 21 September, 2018

Artist Talk, Thursday 9 August, 6pm

Join us for a special ART AFTER DARK West End event to celebrate the SALA Festival.

Artist Narges Anvar will discuss her exhibition Dream of Being with mentor Louise Haselton and emerging writer and artist Fruzsi Kenez.

The Beer garden will be open from 5pm for an after work drink with the talk beginning at 6pm.

This exhibition is supported by The Helpmann Academy