Dya Singh, Farid Drokshan

Dya Singh is the world’s most renowned interpreter and innovator of the mystical Sikh musical tradition. In twenty-five years his musical journey has taken him around the world to major musical festivals, concerts, spiritual celebrations and retreats and seen a unique 26 CDs produced that present a centuries old musical/spiritual & cultural tradition firmly in the twenty first century. Blending north Indian music with global influences and a multicultural music band, Dya Singh is regarded as the pioneer and most accomplished artist of Indian spiritual world music.

Joined by longtime members of his world travelled music group, Dya Singh returns to the Lion Arts Centre, Adelaide the place where it all started for one concert only to present a concert of poetic ghazal songs, folk songs, classical music, kirtan (hymns) and sufi qawwallis with a small touch of devotional dance. A Dya Singh concert is an uplifting experience bringing the mystical music traditions to a new level. The music takes you by the heart, soothing in a mediatational kind of way and then uplifts with an array of glorious compelling rhythms, blended instruments, drones, wonderful improvisations and a message in words and chants that speaks of a quest for universal harmony. This is music that changes the world.

In 1992 Dya Singh, an already renowned Sikh singer took his traditional music out of the Sikh temple and commenced his musical journey of taking it to the world. Together with a multiracial group playing a variety of instruments Dya Singh performed his dynamic, spontaneous and uplifting music all over the world, touring overseas to UK, Europe, Kenya, Japan, South East Asia, USA, Canada on over thirty occasions. Alongside the sensational music Dya delivers a charismatic performance with a message of tolerance, peace, fulfilment and the need for a better and more just world.

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