Sabika Jasmine and Goonj // Farhan Shah and SufiOz

Music for your weekend and your soul, with musicians from the world who call Adelaide home.

A versatile blend of musical styles from her Indian background brings an enticing flavour to Sabika Jasmine’s vocal performances. With expertise in Bollywood music, Sabika is also trained in Hindustani Classical music, Sufi, Ghazal, and Qawwali. Wanting to bring her authentic styles to new audiences and to collaborate with various artists, in 2017 Sabika formed a band with local musicians from varied ethnicities and backgrounds named “Goonj”, meaning “echo”. Goonj adapts Bollywood tunes in a contemporary Australian setting, and the band’s performances see the audience swaying to the beat of this favourite Indian musical style.


A ‘Pakistani Pavarotti’ (The Advertiser), Farhan Shah leads an ensemble of local artists through mystical music that stretches back almost a thousand years into the Middle East and South Asia. Hypnotic, energetic, meditative, ambient, uplifting, soulful, and optimistic, Sufi music from Pakistan and North India will be presented in both traditional and contemporary styles. Featuring mesmerising and hypnotic percussion, vocals, santur and harmonium, Farhan Shah and SufiOz will take you on a journey of the spirit through time and space.