Globo Musica

Nexus Arts and Umbrella Festival present GloboMusica

Globo Musica features two acts; ‘Zhao Liang & Moonta St’and Persian Ensemble’ Kashkul’.

Moonta St brings together a fusion of traditional Chinese  music with European  traditions and global influences, presented in English and featuring songs and poetry.  The group is Guzheng virtuoso Zhao Liang, folksinger Mary Heath, Japanese  jazz percussionist Satomi Onishi, world musician Keith Preston and keyboard player Shivani Preston.

Kashkul features the exciting instrumentals of Benhoosh Aryanapad mesmerising vocals of Shiva Aryanapad and Zarb artist Armin Mehdipour presenting traditional Persian music with a twist. The two groups will combine for several numbers to create new South Australian world music.