Thomas Henning in collaboration with TerryandTheCuz

Guns, drugs, love, war, freedom, racism and free market capitalism: Light explores our darkness through a revisionist history of the theft of Penang, the birth of Adelaide, and the rise of the British Empire.

In 1786 Francis Light claimed a Malaysian island as British property. Fifty years later his son, William, pitched an unpopular vision for the city of Adelaide. Witness one hundred years of semi-remembered history across four continents, performed by three actors, over two hours, underlaid with a challenge: does how we remember history decide who we believe ourselves to be?

Light is a collaboration between Australian writer/director Thomas Henning (The Black Lung) and radical Malaysian theatre makers TerryandTheCuz, who are known for breaking all the rules of theatre. This world premiere drama depicts the phenomenal story of how the irreversible impact of the actions of two generations of adventurers continue to resonate today.

THU 17 OCT        7pm
FRI 18 OCT          7pm
SAT 19 OCT         2pm & 7pm

DURATION          2 hrs 20 mins (inc. interval)