Lonelyspeck x BAY

Join us for a special closing night party for the exhibition Kupesi in Colour

Adelaide-based producer Lonelyspeck performs a new work in response to BAY’s exhibition, surrounded by her artwork. Freely yet cohesively mixing eclectic styles, Lonelyspeck’s distinctive sonic palette emphasises a morphing, hyperreal sense of space and texture while remaining grounded in a strong pop sensibility. Enjoy a drink and a newly-commissioned audio-visual experience to close out your 2020 Festival season.

Friday March 13. Gallery open from 6pm, music at 7pm. FREE

Lonelyspeck is the project of Adelaide-based singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist Sione Teumohenga.

BAY is an Adelaide based visual artist whose work explores mental health and her Tongan ancestry. Cultural symbols and metaphors in Polynesian design have inspired her most recent body of work, investigating the traditional Tongan art of Kupesi. As she forms a deeper connection with her heritage, her paintings become a platform to communicate lost culture and Pacific storytelling.

This project has been supported by the City of Adelaide through their Arts and Cultural Grants program.