MAAD at Nexus Arts

Nexus Arts x MAAD (Music & Art After Dark) for Illuminate Adelaide

Matthias Schack-Arnott

‘virtuosic’ – The Wire

Matthias Schack-Arnott is a percussive artist whose award-winning works involve a melding of sound, visual design and new media. Described by The Guardian as ‘visually and sonically exquisite’, his works have been presented by Melbourne Festival, Sydney Festival, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, MPavilion, La Comete (France), Spor Festival (Denmark), Arts House, Supersense – Festival of the Ecstatic, The Unconformity (Tasmania) & Next Wave.

From 2010-2018 Matthias was the Artistic Associate of Australia’s leading percussive arts organisation, Speak Percussion (‘virtuosic & adventurous’ New York Times). He continues to have a close affiliation with the organisation as a guest performer.

He was recently awarded ‘Work of Year: Electro-Acoustic/Sound Art’ at the 2020 Art Music Awards for ‘Everywhen’, and has previously been awarded the 2016 Melbourne Prize for Music ‘Development’ Award, the 2014 Green Room Awards ‘Outstanding Work by an Emerging Artist’ for ‘Fluvial’ and four Australian Art Music Awards for his work with Speak Percussion.

Sat 31 July, 6.00pm
30 minutes duration

Aviva Endean

‘Hypnotic’, ‘Trance-inducing’ ‘virtuosic’ and captivating’ Aviva Endean’s work for solo clarinets exists in the space between composition and improvisation. Distinct and refined instrumentations set up a framework of unique sonic environments, which then become a landscape for Aviva’s slowly morphing and contemplative improvisations.

In this new set created especially for Illuminate Adelaide, Aviva expands on her unique and exploratory instrumental practise, interweaving field recordings, lo-fi electronics and effects processing, to create waves of spectral and timbral exploration.

“Inhalations and exhalations suddenly sculpted into meaning bearing forms” (Peter Knight, Artistic Director- Australian Art Orchestra)

“A miraculous discovery of a new world” (Freistil Magazin)

“Astonishing beauty…uncharted musical lands” (Sydney Morning Herald)

Sat 31 July, 8pm
50 minutes duration

PRIMORDIAL – For Piano and Diverse Media

A soundscape that condenses several million years of shifting Tectonic forces as the first complex life form on earth emerged. This is Primordial, a unique merging of science and sound.

PRIMORDIAL is a visceral listening experience that re-enacts the shifting of tectonic plates to form the Flinders Ranges, a journey through time to the first sign of life on earth with the appearance of the Ediacara fossils. The sonic world of PRIMORDIAL reflects the immense landscape of the Ediacara Fossil field on the edge of the Australian desert. Composer Constantine Koukias imagines the sound of shifting tectonic plates through manipulated piano preparations and electronics to create cascading waves of sound. The piano as we know it is reinvented, its resonance reflecting a haunting, fragile sound world. Gabriella Smart pounds and caresses the piano, cajoling beautiful and extraordinary prepared sounds that are symbiotic with Koukias’ electronic score.

“Koukias’ sharp and at times fragile music miraculously re?ected this vast landscape on the edge of the Australian desert” (Thomas Tamvakos, Archive of Greek Composers, 2020)

Piano: Gabriella Smart
Music: Constantine Koukias (AUS/NETH)
Tape Sound Design: Mischa Duncan te Pas
Lighting Design: Jason James
Touring Sound & Light Operator: Daniel Pitman

Sat 31 July, 9.30pm
50 minutes duration

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