What Privilege: ‘The unity of oppression’

An experimental art exhibition at Nexus Arts.

‘The unity of oppression’ explores what unites and divides us: We share a finite planet, what futures will we forge from the infinity of darkness?

Playing with the duality of light and dark, using acrylics, sculpture and multi-media, five artists from culturally diverse backgrounds create a journey into the complexities of power, privilege and oppression – inviting you to peel away hidden layers and join them on a creative crime scene investigation of our shared humanity.

‘What Privilege?’ is a national Change Media initiative, exploring with a range of diverse partners, how we can creatively notice, disrupt and reframe colonizing mindsets and behaviors that maintain privilege and reinforce oppression.

This South Australian collaboration is co-led by interdisciplinary Ngarrindjeri-Chinese artist Damien Shen [painting, mixed media], with Change Media’s artistic director, Jen Lyons-Reid [line art, poetry, mixed media] and creative producer, Carl Kuddell [poetry, mixed media], and emerging artists Emilijia Kasumovic [drawing] and Jelena Vujnovic [drawing].

Read more about the exhibition and the artists on our medium page.

Opening Thursday 5 April, 6pm
5th April – 18th May

Image: What Privelege, 2018, L-R Emilija Kasumovic, Damien Shen, Jelena Vujnovic, Jen Lyons-Reid