Ronak Sarani // Sofia Torchia

Ronak Sarani is a Gujarati vocalist based in Adelaide, Australia. Singing in Hindi, Gujarati, and Urdu, his live shows are an exploration of ancient Sufi traditions, contemporary Bollywood and Indian-Gujarati folk. Ronak’s vocal delivery is both precise and expressive and he sculpts songs with a clear sense of narrative. Storytelling across barriers of language or dialect, his voice is nothing short of beautiful. For this performance, Ronak will accompany himself on guitar, and be joined by percussion that complements his soaring and moving melodies.

Sofia Torchia is an Italian-Australian alt-pop artist, creating music with big lush sounds and interweaving rhythms balanced out by moments of intimate minimalism and poignant lyrics. Inspired by artists from Lana Del Rey to Beyoncé, her style is influenced by pop and R&B’s strong voices and producers.

Performing as a solo artist, Sofia’s sets incorporate strong vocals with live synths and looping. Sofia celebrates her two cultures through her music, writing songs that are in both English and Italian. She says, ‘I love being bilingual and I love the depth of having two completely different influences in the way I write music’.

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