Sorna Ensemble // Constantine Stefanou

Sorna Ensemble perform Persian and Kurdish music and song, deeply entrenched in the ancient traditions of this historic and remarkable region. Featuring players with experience performing in both Iran and Australia, the group brings together traditional Persian and Kurdish instruments alongside beautiful male and female vocals in melodies and harmonies from the many regions of Persia. Sorna is Daryoush Homayoun (Vocals), Malihe Zare (Vocals & Tombek), Ehsan Shekofteh Zoeram (Tar), Mina Absalan (Daf), Seerwan Moulana (Saz),

and Maryam Absalan (Santur).

Constantine Stefanou is a Greek Australian multi-instrumental musician and agronomist, who works at the intersection of music/sound, ecology and civilization design. Stefanou draws from permaculture and scientific practice, open-source philosophy, song-forms and improvisation in his creative practices.

Stefanou has toured Australia and internationally with bands such as The Shabbab and Tehachapi. For this performance, he will be playing a range of original songs written over the last 4 years that contend with the heartbreak (and awe) of being a global citizen amidst the 6th mass extinction. He will be joined by an energy-packed live band who are preparing for a studio release in mid 2021.

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