The Green Room

All that Glitters…. 2016, Oil and Gold Leaf on Linen, 100 x 100 cm

All that Glitters…. 2016, Oil and Gold Leaf on Linen, 100 x 100 cm

An exhibition of paintings by Nazia Ejaz,  ‘The Green Room’ examines themes of perception and identity.  Nazia is an Adelaide based emerging artist originally from Pakistan.  Her work is about the binaries that permeate multiple levels of our social perceptions and interactions.

How an individual perceives and relates to the social environment, the idea of connection and separation is the basis of her work.  The artist uses geometric patterns in her practice suggesting an external order or organization enforced onto the surface of the canvas.  These patterns, derived from her cultural heritage and cross cultural life experiences, continue the theme of screens that have been a part of Ejaz’s practice for a few years.  The grids are metaphors for filters that influence our perception and control our response to that which is different.  The patterns speak of tradition, of order, of categorization. Through her work, Nazia attempts to explore these points of separation and dualistic modes of seeing, looking and representing.

Ejaz also uses mirrors, shadows and repetition within her work to create images that challenge the preconceptions that we as viewers bring to the artwork.  The mirrors are used as a pause in visual time and the fragmented reflections draw the audience into the work so that the viewer becomes a part of the artwork.   Mirrors are also an allusion to the third space, created through migration, where the new alters the old and gives rise to a different real, in-between, or hybrid space.

Ejaz uses repetition as a meditative practice within the work.  According to Nazia, the idea is to break down conscious thought about a subject through repetition to a point where the process and materials allow the artist to access deeper knowledge. For the artist, the act of repetition allows a certain freedom of thought, outside linguistic formulations into abstract territory.

Through the use of colour, light, mirrors and repetition, the artist creates a space for reflection, which allows the viewer to engage with the cultural signifiers and patterns that shape how we as individuals relate to our environment and ultimately, to that, which is different.  Nazia’s work invites the audience to look past the surface of the painting to the meaning of its creation.

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Opening 4 August, 6pm
Nexus Gallery

4th August – 2nd September
Gallery open Tuesday – Friday 9am – 5pm