A Well-Set Table

Aviva Endean and Shoshana Rosenberg

A well-set table. A conversation with ourselves.

Aviva Endean and Shoshana Rosenberg are two of Australia’s most curious clarinettists, coming towards experimental and improvised music from very different backgrounds spanning contemporary classical music, Klezmer, sound art, noise and punk music. Their collaboration invites you to engage with, reflect on, and surrender to what you are experiencing.

Aviva and Shoshana’s program will focus on the way our simplest moments can become the most profound. Through the resonances of clarinets, chants, and singing bowls, their sonic explorations will provide a bridge from the everyday to the esoteric. Weaving a tapestry of compositions and improvisations that occupy the intensely intimate space of deep personal prayer and Jewish rituals, they invite you into this captivating place to attend to sounds we may often ignore and question our relationship to the ritual of performance.

You are invited to their table.

Ben Opie, Iskender Ozan Toprak and Matthew Horsley

Join Australia’s leading oboe specialist Ben Opie, ba?lama virtuoso Iskender Ozan Toprak and percussionist Matthew Horsley in an intimate performance of diverse repertoire: from reworkings of JS Bach to original works by Iskender Ozan Toprak, from Turkish folk music to Vivaldi reimagined.

The soloists come together to perform a concert of works from their different individual cultures and backgrounds, creating a new and exciting sound world. The challenge and joy of exploring how far the sonic realms of eastern and western instruments can be pushed is what makes this unique musical relationship ideal.

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