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ZÖJ – FIL O FENJOON album launch

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A remarkable fusion of Neo-Classical Persian music and daring experimentalism.

Experience the captivating fusion of neo-classical Persian music and experimental rhythms as musical duo ZÖJ launch their highly anticipated debut album FIL O FENJOON. Comprised of Gelareh Pour and Brian O’Dwyer, witness what Nick Cave has praised as ‘the consistently exquisite genius of Pour’, as she showcases her mastery of the Persian kamancheh, and her evocative interpretations of Persian poetry sung in Farsi. Harmoniously paired with O’Dwyer’s innovative and hypnotic drumming, the duo’s connection is nothing short of magical, radiating with raw emotion and a shared sense of purpose. Guided by emotion, environment, and energy, ZÖJ’s structured improvisations take on a life of their own, ensuring that no two performances are the same.

Drawing from their diverse musical backgrounds, Pour and O’Dwyer have crafted a shared language where each musician freely incorporates their own influences, resulting in a remarkable fusion of neo-classical Persian music and daring experimentalism.


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