Nexus Live

Nexus Live is a annual performance season featuring leading South Australian and national exponents of contemporary music.  The series is designed to reflect depth and diversity of both the local and national contemporary music scenes by highlighting an eclectic range of high quality culturally diverse artists across many different genres of music. Nexus Live is the only ongoing music performance series dedicated to cultural diversity currently operating in South Australia.
Nexus Live was founded in 2012 in response to a need for more diverse performance opportunities for artists in South Australia, and more diverse music offerings to audiences, outside of Adelaide’s thriving March festival season. The series is designed to accommodate leading Australian artists whose music is not regularly presented in conventional contemporary music venues and help them to bring their music into the mainstream. The series maintains a high level of marketing and promotional support to ensure it is competitive with mainstream alternatives. Over the last three years the Nexus Live has established itself as an important cultural event in the South Australian arts calendar. The series provides performance opportunities for leading local and national multicultural musicians and provides SA audiences with year round access to high quality culturally diverse music.

Nexus Live provides important performance opportunities to professional artists operating in culturally significant groups, as well as facilitating relationships between contemporary musicians in popular styles and culturally diverse musicians through the Nexus Live Commission program.
Information about upcoming Nexus Live events can be found in the Whats On section of this website