James Elsby


Nexus Arts Orchestra

The Nexus Arts Orchestra is a truly intercultural ensemble of musicians who came through their connection to Nexus Arts. The group brings together outstanding global artists who now call Adelaide home, and entrances audiences with a completely original line-up of artists and instruments. Formed in 2021, in their first year the Orchestra performed to audiences of more than 10,000 at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, the Capri Theatre, and the Marion Cultural Centre.

Featuring Ngaanyatjarra singer and songwriter Vonda Last, along with artists with backgrounds in Sufi music, Japanese song, and Cuban traditions, the Nexus Arts Orchestra presents a contemporary vision of Australian contemporary arts which truly represents the diversity of our nation.

“I loved everything about it….I was blown away”
“Such diversity, inclusion and beautiful union. Thank you”
“explosive, evocative and very interesting.”
“world class”
“I thought of everyone playing together , in harmony. Wish the world would function so.”

Audience feedback from the Capri Theatre performance, May 2021