About Nexus Arts

Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

Australian contemporary arts truly represent our intercultural society, promoting social cohesion through diversity and excellence of practice.


Our Mission

Nexus Arts fosters contemporary intercultural creative practices, engaging and developing both artists and audiences.

San Ureshi band members- three people all dressed in black, stand posed in different angles in front of a white brick wall.

Photo: Morgan Sette

Nexus Arts are leaders in culturally diverse and intercultural artistic practice. We are the only contemporary arts organisation in South Australia with this focus. Nexus presents contemporary art which explores, promotes and celebrates cultural diversity. We foster excellence by supporting culturally and linguistically diverse and First Nations artists with development programs and presentation opportunities, engaging broad audiences to experience diverse artistic practice.

Australian contemporary arts do not yet reflect the cultural diversity of our population. Nexus works to redress this inequity. Nexus Arts reconceives and recontextualises Australian art, engaging both high-calibre artists and broad audiences to promote our vision that Australian contemporary arts truly represent our intercultural society, promoting social cohesion through diversity and excellence of practice.

We are a bold and visionary organisation with an active social conscience. We believe that art is a vital mechanism for exploring, promoting, and challenging ideas, and that contemporary arts have an essential role to play in shaping our society. We believe in supporting artists to thrive and enabling them to communicate their unique and affecting stories to broad audiences.

Nexus has a reputation for sector-leading, dynamic work. We support more than 100 Australian artists annually through inventive programs such as the Nexus Live concert series, Interplay development program, Gallery exhibition program, and studio residencies. We commission collaborative intercultural work which offers supported creation and promotes artistic risk-taking, and we provide artists with national and international connections through strong strategic partnerships.

Nexus Arts is committed to:

  • presenting, promoting and supporting high-quality contemporary music and visual arts by culturally and linguistically diverse and First Nations artists;
    commissioning new work exploring intercultural artistic practice;
  • developing and nurturing emerging artists;
  • inspiring, stimulating and cultivating broad audiences; and
  • engaging with diverse partners to work collaboratively in these efforts.

We have come a long way from our origins as an artists’ collective in 1984. From our earliest days as the Multicultural Arts Workers Committee, 40 years ago, to the organisation we are today, Nexus Arts has continuously played a significant social and cultural role in the Adelaide arts ecology, assisting local artists and nurturing the public’s appreciation of culturally diverse arts.

We are delighted to have the support of the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC and Lan Le as our Patrons.