Side profile of a person with a short brown and green Mohawk hairstyle, aviator glasses on wearing a black leather jacket with popped collar.

Photo: Morgan Sette



Nexus Arts’ Interplay program offers a unique forum for contemporary musicians from culturally diverse and First Nations backgrounds to develop their practice, networks, and community.

Interplay provides individualised and group-based development activities over the course of one year. The program aims to provide dedicated space for artists to develop, share and connect, bringing contemporary musicians together in the spirit of intercultural communication, exploration and creation.

Program artists take part in:

  • One on one career development sessions with Nexus staff
  • A solo high-quality live music video shoot
  • A one-on-one photoshoot with an experienced music photographer
  • A personalised mentorship opportunity
  • Development of an Electronic Press Kit
  • Artist catch-up sessions
  • A performance series at Nexus Arts

In 2022, we are delighted to be working with 8 artists:

  • Parvyn
  • Rob Edwards
  • Daniel Gosling
  • Native Son 91
  • Manasvi
  • Kalya Ikeeboh
  • Thoma Henbest

This program is supported by the Government of South Australia through the Music Development Office. Pending confirmed funding for 2023, applications will open in November 2022. Stay tuned to our ‘Opportunities’  page for details of the callout announcement.