Jack Fenby


Nexus Live

The Nexus Live performance series is a future-facing program of contemporary music by culturally and linguistically diverse and First Nations artists from across Australia, presented in the Nexus Arts Venue. Nexus Live champions intercultural collaborative music practice, both within individual performances and across the program. Presenting musicians who work across diverse genres, our artists create and perform works which contribute to an ongoing dialogue of cultural interconnectivity. Annually, we present programs of 8 to 10 performances featuring 15 to 20 ensembles and 60 to 80 individual artists, bringing a thriving and dynamic intercultural musical environment to Adelaide audiences year-round.

Commissioning work is fundamental to Nexus’ programs. Through annual Nexus Live commissions, Nexus invests in artists and in arts creation by providing supported development opportunities for artists to make new work, and by presenting a program of these and other premieres across our venues.

Commissioning new work for interested audiences who embrace diverse experiences encourages artistic risk-taking, which is a key precursor to growth and development. Nexus fosters a culture of openness to experimentation in its audiences, allowing artists to embrace risk in a supportive environment.

In 2022 Nexus Live will feature 5 performances from leading Australian artists between July and December. This page will be updated as they are announced.