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You clicked on this link. So you are probably one of the two-thirds of Australians who believe that the arts impact their understanding of other people and cultures and help them to make social connections.* You understand that the arts matter. Art makes our world a richer place and promotes intercultural cohesion.

That’s becoming even more important at the moment, isn’t it? With the rise of far-right political parties globally and the regularity with which anti-immigration views are presented in the media, our tolerance for difference appears to be diminishing.

At Nexus Arts, we want you to see, hear, experience the best contemporary art possible. That means diversity. As Australians, over half of us have at least one parent born overseas and nearly a quarter of us speak a language other than English at home, yet only 10% of professional artists and 10% of arts leaders are from a non-English speaking background.** That can only mean that we’re missing out.

The work we do is vital. We support over 100 artists and arts workers from culturally diverse and First Nations backgrounds in our development and presentation programs annually. The amazing artists that we work with have gone on to establish themselves in the Australian mainstream, exhibiting and performing at major festivals, galleries and events nationally and internationally. Importantly, our audiences continue to grow: 25% more people came to Nexus Live this year than last. People don’t just come to Nexus because we present artists that reflect the diversity that we see on our streets. They come to Nexus because they want to see Australia’s best contemporary musicians and artists.

In an era in which support for the arts is increasingly uncertain, any money you give now will help to ensure that Nexus Arts can continue to support Adelaide artists to develop their careers and enable them to take artistic risks. It will make sure that our audiences have access to extraordinary work from across the nation. It will allow intercultural conversation to continue.

All donations are 100% tax deductible and go directly to supporting our presentation and artist development programs. Give $5. Give $5000. We don’t mind. It all makes a difference.

Check out the video below. Be a part of this.

* Australia Council, Connecting Australians (2017)
** Diversity Arts Australia, Shifting the Balance (2019)