A small white shrine consisting of two side walls and a peaked roof rests on a stack of brown bricks. Within the shrine is a small white vase holding incense sticks, and displayed around it are white candles and small pieces of finely cut orange and green vegetables.

Photo: James Field

Nexus Arts Presented

Audio described tour of Pendulum for blind and low-vision patrons

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Join curator Jonathan Kim and audio describers for a tour of our new exhibition, Pendulum. Presented as part of the OzAsia festival, South Australian artists Shaye Du’o’ng, Jazmine Deng, Jake Yang, Alice Hu, as well as ej son and Chris Yee (NSW), explore how their arts practices are affected by cultural displacement and the restoration that comes from reconnection, swinging from one to the other like a pendulum.

This tour will feature Kim’s insights into the artwork as well as audio descriptions of each of the works.


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