Nexus Arts Presented

witness/ tree

By Jennifer Eadie and Adrianne Semmens

View the digital exhibition here.

Nexus Arts Gallery is open 1–4pm on Friday 26th of January for the final day of see witness/ tree.

witness/ tree is the first iteration of a site-responsive body of work by writer & artist, Jennifer Eadie and dance practitioner, Adrianne Semmens (Barkandji), that interrogates relationship to place.

The artists consider what it means to authentically bear witness to a recently fallen blue gum whose age pre-dates invasion. In doing so, their work seeks to simultaneously honour, disrupt, and (re)connect with, the histories and stories of Tuthangga, Kaurna Country (Park 17, Adelaide).

This exhibition was developed during a Nexus Studio Residency program supported by the City of Adelaide. As part of this residency, the artists were generously guided by the consultation and ceremony of Senior Kaurna Man, Uncle Mickey Kumatpi O’Brien and the mentorship of Narungga poet, artist and researcher, Natalie Harkin.

The artists would like to also acknowledge the contributions of Horticulture Team Leader – City of Adelaide, Matt Jorgensen and Land Based Artist, Dave Laslett: thank you for offering your knowledge, support, and attention to this project.


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