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Image: Luke Currie-Richardson

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Presented by Nexus Arts and Illuminate Adelaide

Known for his mind-blowing, dynamic performances, DOBBY is a rapper, composer, producer, and drummer who proudly identifies as a Filipino and Aboriginal musician. 

Hailing from Murrawarri and Ngemba lands (Weilmoringle, Brewarrina NSW), DOBBY draws on his culture, creating powerful work like the anthemic hit I CAN’T BREATHE, widely adopted by Australia’s Bla(c)k Lives Matter movement. 

This multi-instrumentalist bounces between piano, drums, and drum pads, showcasing his signature ‘drapping’ style (rapping & drumming combined). This electrifying live show will be DOBBY’s first Adelaide performance since 2019, presenting an astonishing set that has taken him across Australia and to Germany, the UK, USA, and Netherlands. 


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