Embodied Mark-making Workshop – Friday 17 March

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You are invited to join Shirley Jianzhen Wu for a silent meditation in the Nexus courtyard. Through brushwork with ink on rice paper, the workshop draws attention to the body. Your personal observations of the immediate environment, the temperature, ambient noise, and the microworld on the pavers will guide an experimental approach to mark making.

During the workshop you will be encouraged to connect with the ground by either sitting or lying down. Please bring washable/old comfortable clothes as you may pick up debris from the ground. Gloves and coverall will be provided if needed. 

Herbal tea and snacks will be available during the session.

Max 10 participants per workshop. 

About Shirley Jianzhen Wu

Born in Dongguan, China, Jianzhen Wu (Shirley) is an emerging artist based in Adelaide. Wu completed a Master of Design (Contemporary Art) at the University of South Australia (2019). Previously she studied a Bachelor of Arts in Jewellery & Accessories at Middlesex University, England (2009–2013). Shirley has recently undertaken a three-month studio residency exploring performance and installation experience at Nexus Arts. Her diverse practice encompasses glass, jewellery and object making, Chinese calligraphy, and aromatherapy. Wu’s creative process is a journey of healing and meditation.


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