Fill The Earth

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Seven stories about how we fill the earth, our space & our lives.

A giant caterpillar giving birth to green balloons, a man negotiating a door, and a woman creating a garden from dead branches are just some of the stories created by the 12 artists included in seven works that complete Fill the Earth, a performance installation that brings together physical performance, visual art, dance and video.

Fill the Earth is a look into our tragicomic rituals, as we try to negotiate and understand the wider world in our private lives. The audience is invited to explore the ways in which we connect or disconnect, and ultimately fill the earth with our own stories.

Fill the Earth seeks to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital, between the past and the present, between the visible and the invisible. 

Surrounded by ever changing imagery, the audience is gathered in an intimate space, witnessing and sharing the unfolding of cryptic scenes as a communal and meditative experience.

Created by Juha Vanhakatano in collaboration with Nic Mollison, Sascha Budimski, Yumi Umiumare, Thom Buchanan, Paulo Castro, Jo Stone, Alison Currie, Bridget Currie, Cazna Brass, Lina Limosani, Rowan Rossi, Adrianne Semmens, Caleena Sandbury and Stephen Sheehan.

Produced by INSITE ARTS