Nexus Arts Presented

Exhibition opening: Mga gamit ng isang makata

By Matcho Makata

Please join us for the opening event of Mga gamit ng isang makata.

‘Gamit’ is a reverse ekphrastic look into the migrant mindset of Filipinx diaspora living on Kaurna land through the lens of a poet. 

Matcho Makata focuses on how Filipinx creatively solve everyday problems by utilizing items for alternate purposes. Matcho has focused on crafting their artwork through entering Filipino households to explore, document and collect remaining clutter. Matcho considers what it means to come from a migrant mindset of needing to survive, to constantly realign purposes and what the limits could be. The exhibition includes pieces of visual poetry/in response to objects that might be deemed past their utility such as leftover wood. In ‘Gamit’ discarded doors from Filipinx homes become supports for different forms of creativty and cultural (re)production.

The artists acknowledge this work was created on Kaurna Country.


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