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Hear My Voice

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What does your voice communicate? Does it help or hinder other people’s perceptions of you? And have you ever experienced what your voice can express through song when words are not enough?

In this cabaret show premiere, Alexandra Frost uses heartfelt stories and songs to explore the ups and downs of the complicated relationship she has with her own voice, which is considered unusually low and rare for a woman.

In 60 minutes of sincere, raw reflection, Alexandra shares stories about what our voices can speak to us about our emotions, personality, gender, confidence and more, all within a sumptuous set of jazz, blues, and soul tunes. 

Accompanied by talented jazz pianist, Ed Heddle, Alexandra’s show is a celebration of the most incredibly expressive instrument we all have; our voice. 

Presented by:
Alexandra Frost

Alexandra Frost is an experienced vocalist who stands out due to the unique deep, resonant, soulful and bluesy tones to her voice and her ability to consistently captivate, move people and tell a story. When this voice explores and reinterprets her broad repertoire of jazz, blues and soul tunes or other songs reimagined, it showcases her flexibility and depth. Alexandra Frost has performed with various combinations of duos, trios, bands and ensembles for many years and has built a strong following for her intimate yet powerful performance style when accompanied by Ed Heddle, jazz pianist or her band. Their versatility, passion and interpretation makes for a truly unique and engaging duo, destined to grace the stage for “Hear My Voice”, Cabaret premiere during the Adelaide Fringe 2023.