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The Heart Beat Club – Disability Club Night

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If you like to party, dance to DJ’s, hang out with friends, have a good time in a safe environment then you should come to The Heart Beat Club!  

HEART BEAT CLUB /hɑːt biːt klʌb/ noun.
1. A club night run by and for learning disabled people, their friends and allies.
2. The Heartbeat Club is run by the Beats Crew, a group of learning-disabled people.

“We want to have a more active and ‘age appropriate’ social life including club nights. We are running our own proper club night so we can have fun and stay up late. Spend fun time with friends. Do it our way. Show our talents. Beatbox on stage. DJ on stage. Dance. Dress up. Feel safe. Make our Club awesome.”
– The Beats Crew

Heart Beat Club is an 18+ Club Night.  
Drinks are available for purchase at the bar (alcoholic and non-alcoholic available).  
Join us on the dance floor or hang out with friends playing arcade games!
$10 tickets, Companion Card accepted.

This event is by Tutti Arts and supported by Access2Arts and Arts South Australia.


Photo by Thomas McCammon.
[Image description: Overhead photo of people dancing while on stage 3 people are working a DJ deck. The illuminated sign says “The Heart Beat Club”.]