Split photograph of Iran Sanadzadeh and Chloe Kim

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Nexus Live – Ocean, Again

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Iran Sanadzadeh with Chloe Kim

A unique musical double bill celebrating the launch of Iran Sanadzadeh’s debut solo album recorded on the terpsichora pressure-sensitive floors.

This performance brings together two idiosyncratic musicians living and creating in Australia, both subverting the usual expectations of their medium. 

Iran Sanadzadeh’s solo performance on the pressure-sensitive floors is a reimagination of electronic music performance: what it can be if the aim is to create a deep embodiment between the player and the instrument, rather than trying to replicate acoustic musical performance. 

Opening with a solo drum set from Chloe Kim, who brings her expansive practice showcasing the wide sonic possibilities of this instrument to the stage, these two performances both challenge our perceptions of instruments and their roles on stage.


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