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Nexus Live on Tour: Noriko Tadano

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Japanese Shamisen Beats

Old traditions meet heart pounding beats when Japanese vocalist Noriko Tadano takes to the stage.

An award-winning, virtuoso master of the Japanese Shamisen (a 3-string banjo like instrument), Noriko’s ability to cross between traditional and modern Japanese music has seen her collaborate with renowned musicians including Adam Page, Dave Faulkner, Ash Grunwald and perform at popular festivals WOMADelaide and OzAsia.

A Shamisen player since the age of 6, Noriko grew up in Japan and moved to Australia in 2004.  Her performances draw on Japanese folk songs (Minyo) as well as original pieces.

It is within this dichotomy between the traditional and the modern that Noriko creates an original sound and striking presence that is not to be missed.


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