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Panghalina brings together three of Australia’s most compelling and innovative soloists to explore themes of sonic duality. A trio grounded in improvisation and experimentation, Panghalina is comprised of Helen Svoboda (voice, double bass), Bonnie Stewart (voice, drums, percussion) and Maria Moles (synth, drums, percussion). Each musician in the trio is an established composer and performer in their own right and has developed their own distinctive approach to sound, often using instrumental preparations and non-conventional techniques to extend their mastery on their given instrument.

The music shifts through moments of frenetic texture, morphing into hypnotic grooves and restless motifs. The unique instrumentation spawns a sonic patchwork of overlapping duos within the trio format, creating possibilities for various concentrated sound worlds to emerge; the dense carpet of rich textures and rhythms across two percussionists, enveloped by wordless gestures between the two ethereal vocals, glued together by the unity of high frequencies in the arco bass harmonics and synthesizer.

Panghalina is touring their debut album ‘Lava’ in early 2024, which will be released on Room40 on 2 February.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its arts funding and advisory body.


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